Design offices

Reverse engineering is as a conscious way to achieve technology and products currently available. In this way, experts from different fields of basic and applied for the full performance of a product that pattern recognition technology is the specialized groups to provide accurate and advanced equipment and devices to provide the documents and important role in design manufacturing plans of external equipment for the production and localization is having.Timely delivery of parts and equipment play an important role in setting of production lines , production and completion of industrial projects. The company by utilizes experts skilled machines, metallurgy and electricity is able to perform the following activities:

-povision manufacturing technology and technical manuals

-povision technical data sheet and attachment

-introduction manufacturer and sourcing

-Consulting and planning to Supply consumables and spare parts with the most up to date equipment and specialized software

 – Offering software designs prior to construction equipment

  – Reverse engineering of parts and equipment with updated softwares drawing

 – Engineering design services

 – Consulting and plan to upgrade outdated equipment and replacement parts

 – Standardization of equipment according to the capabilities of domestic


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