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participation in the industry oil exhibition on jan.2016

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Payvaran Parsian Equipment Engineering&Development co

Active in the field of production and supplying the industry oil and types of the spare parts of the turbine and compressor
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Supplying of the electrical boards

Providing and Supplying types of boards and graphics controller
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Supplying instruments

Vibration & Position Monitoring Systems
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Supplying types of gauages in brands

Fisher -Rosemount , Wika Ashcroft & BudenBurg
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Supplying spare parts of Turbins and Compressors

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Supplying types of Casing and Tubing pipes

from TMK Interpipe , Tenaris, Sumitomo,R&M
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Active in field of the communication

project implementation Turnkey,manufacturing types of towers telecommunication and training installation and setting up LTE,4G,3G

proficiency zones

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Attending at oil and gas exhibition

The realization of national goals and development of the demostic industry, the payvaran parsian company was attended in the Khuzestan specialized great exhibition in the oil the industry, which was held in jan 2016

concluding the contract of Casing pipe 10000 meters in sizes 7-inch with Iranian offshore Oil company

Payvaran Parsian co. has delivered 10000 meters Casing pipe in size 7inch in the second half of 1394 to Iranian offshore Oil company


what is forging?

Forging works on metal mallet or pressing work and bringing it into a useful form. Forging is the oldest working art and its origins in a very long time.In this process used the great forces and often is very heavy industries