quality control lab

quality control lab

Quality control of payvaran parsian company have an experienced team and it’s laboratory activities are in two independant sites:

1.Dementional unit includes two machines CMM and VMM with magnification 200 and specification 200*200*300

-VMS machine with magnification 150 and specification 200*200*300

-Measuring tools includes various caliper with accuracy 0.01 mm

-Micrometers in different shapes with accuracy 0.001 and 0.01 mm

-Types of gauges and measuring stencil , gauges pine and blond gauge and reporter.

2. Material unit

Including macro hardness machine on material parts to ways Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell A,B,C and hardness of non-metallic shore A,D.

-Ultrasonic testing machine model D10  for determine the layers thickness and troubleshooting.

-Matallographic laboratory such as optical microscope with magnification 1000 x, polishing machine , hot mounted

and cutter for determine infrastructures and determine physical , mechanical and metallugrical properties.



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